Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Via Text messages

The statistics regarding text messaging indicates the avenue is ideal for marketing purposes. SinglePoint, for example, maintains that texts have a 99% open rate, and most messages sent are read within three minutes. That provides immediate access to customers at any point during the day. If the dispensary is slow, send out some text messages and invite customers in with a flash sale, a featured product, or a discount if they bring a friend.


Turning one-time customers into loyal ones requires some sort of connection between the buyer, people behind the counter, and the store itself. Software designed specifically for dispensary SMS messaging allows owners to accomplish this feat quickly and easily. Automated texts can be programmed to be sent at many occasions using filters. Have a text sent out when the customer is at a preset parameter to the dispensary.

Send a special text on the birthdays of customers. Program one to go out directly after a visit to the dispensary. If there has been no purchase in the span of two or three weeks, have a message sent that says their presence is missed. A message can be sent based on the purchase history of each customer. It does not take much effort to reach out to customers when messages can be automated.

The Popularity of Texting

The short message service (SMS) refers to the text messaging component of the phone. This is fast becoming the way to communicate with friends and family that does not even require a mastery of the English language. Letters for words, emojis for responses, and codes for common phrases keep any communication well within the 160-character limit. It is quick, takes no thought, and is often done while driving. Texting while driving is dangerous, illegal in most states, and should never be done.

Fits Lifestyles

This style of communicating fits perfectly into the schedules of people frequenting a dispensary. A cancer patient using medical cannabis may not have the energy to carry on a thirty-minute telephone conversation but can take a minute or two to send a quick text to her mother who wants to know how she feels today. A text message saying “tired but fine” places Mom at ease. A text saying the favored product is on sale this week will capture her attention. Owners who wish to see a demonstration can visit

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